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(a.k.a. COMMUNION)
Article #2 by Dave Sindelar
Viewing date: 3-17-2001
Posting date: 7-31-2001

A series of grisly murders are being committed to members of a Catholic family.

When Brooke Shields hit it big, this movie was rereleased with her presence in the movie the focus of the advertising. I'm sure her fans were disappointed; she dies ten minutes into it. To call this movie a slasher flick would be selling it short, even though in some ways that is just what it is. However, there is a lot more dimension to this movie than to the usual slasher flick; its fascination with Catholicism and the roles it plays in the lives of the people caught up in this nightmare adds some real substance to the story, though I don't see this movie being a favorite of the Pope. The murders are pretty strong stuff, and some of the characters are quite disturbing, so I wouldn't mistake it for light entertainment. It is recommended for horror fans who like a little more than just thrills, however.

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