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Article 5201 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 7-9-2016
Directed by George Sidney
Featuring Our Gang, Allan Randall, Ruth Tobey
Country: USA
What it is: Our Gang short

Alfalfa is place under hypnosis and made to believe he is D'Artagnan.  He challenges Butch to a duel for the hand of Darla, but the spell is broken before the duel...

I'm not extremely familiar with the Our Gang / Little Rascals series of shorts, only having seen a couple of them for this series, but I hear tell that the quality went down after MGM took over production of the series in 1938.  This is apparently one of the better ones of that era, with Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer giving a good performance, especially when he is under hypnosis believing he's in THE THREE MUSKETEERS.  The hypnotism is the fantastic content here, or course.  It also has a logical but amusing ending, so this one is fairly decent.  Only time will tell if I will be encountering other episodes from the series.

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