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aka Der kleine Schornsteinfeger
Article 5250 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-16-2016
Directed by Lotte Reiniger
Voice cast unknown
Country: Germany
What it is: Silhouette-animated melodrama

A little chimney sweep becomes embroiled in the plot of an evil nobleman to kidnap a young woman in order to get her money.

It's always a treat to watch one of Lotte Reiniger's excellent forays into silhouette animation, and this one is no exception; it's full of character, very charming, and efficiently done.  However, it is also an example of an animated movie that, outside of the fact that all the characters only appear in silhouette, has no fantastic content.  The story is a realistic, straightforward melodrama with no fantastical touches, and if any non-human characters appear (there may be a dog or two), they are not anthropomorphic.  It's quite enjoyable, but I'm afraid this one really doesn't qualify for this series.

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