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aka Rover Drives a Car
Article 5255 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 9-25-2016
Directed by Lewin Fitzhamon
Featuring Blair, Barbara Hepworth, Cecil Hepworth
Country: UK
What it is: Comic trick short

A kidnapper makes off with a little girl, but the girl's dog gives chase... and proves rather resourceful.

This entered my hunt list as ROVER DRIVES A CAR, but that was never an official title for the short, so I couldn't find it until I was clued in to someone in the know.  The gimmick is simple; the short contains footage of a dog driving a car, which puts it at least partially in the realm of fantasy.  In some of the scenes, you clearly see the dog in the driver's seat; in others, it's a little too far away to tell whether it's someone in a dog costume.  It's cute, but only partially effective; the movie tends to let scenes go on too long for their own good, so it drags a little.  Other than that, it's moderately entertaining.

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