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aka Planet of the Female Invaders
Article 5280 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 10-23-2016
Directed by Alfredo B. Cravenna
Featuring Lorena Velazquez, Elizabeth Campbell, Maura Monti
Country: Mexico
What it is: Mexican space opera

Female outer space invaders have trouble breathing in our atmosphere, so they kidnap some humans in order to see if lung transplants can solve there problem.  Can the earthlings be rescued?

With a title like this one, I was half expecting that Santo or one of his masked wrestling cohorts would be on hand in this one, but no such luck.  This is not to say that the presence of a masked wrestler would have necessarily improved the movie; rather, the presence of one would have thrown the movie more solidly in the action genre, and given the fact that the print I found of the movie was in Spanish without English subtitles, an action movie would have been much easier to follow.  As it is, I had to use the Phil Hardy guide to flesh out the plot description.  There is the female eye candy on display to compensate, and I did pick up at least one amusing touch; the aliens kidnap their victims by having their flying saucer pose as an amusement park ride.  However, the movie is mostly talk, and I suspect the story is on about the level of QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE.  The special effects are on the level of the old Flash Gordon serials, which isn't really a bad thing; it's just an observation.  Still, in all fairness, I can't really evaluate this movie fully, though given what I've seen, it doesn't really look promising.

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