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aka Reve d'enfant
Article 5316 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 12-6-2016
Directed by Emile Cohl
Featuring Alphonsine Mary
Country: France
What it is: Animation, Cohl style

A young girl falls asleep with her teddy bear, and has a dream.

The first part is live action with the girl being put to bed by her parents, cuddling up with her teddy bear, and nodding off.  Then we get a bit of stop-motion in which the teddy bear comes to life (as a hand puppet), and cuts a shape out of a piece of paper.  It's after this that it turns into a typical exercise in Emile Cohl animation, as the shape transforms into a man who meets several bizarre creations (including a snake eating his own tail), and eventually transforming into a series of monks carrying giant flowers.  No, there's no plot to it; it's a series of transformations with a stream-of-consciousness feel to it.  It's enjoyable if you're a fan of Cohl, perplexing if you're not.

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