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aka The Scribbling Cat
Article 5350 by Dave Sindelar
Date: 1-20-2017
Directed by Taiji Yabushita
No cast
Country: Japan
What it is: Whimsical animated short

A cat's scribblings on a big white wall come to life.  However, when two mice steal his pencil, the cat must chase them in his drawn universe.

One advantage of making a short without any dialogue is that it can be readily appreciated by people who speak other languages without dubbing or subtitles.  This utterly charming short is an example of such a film; it tells its fun and whimsical story with a great deal of imagination.  It's one of those concepts that requires animation to work.  I've encountered Yabushita at least one before; he also gave us PANDA AND THE MAGIC SERPENT as well as ALAKAZAM THE GREAT.  All in all, this is another fun foray into the world of Japanese animation.

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