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Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings

The Ones that got away: The movies I couldn't find

If you've looked over this site, you'll notice that I've seen quite a few movies.  However, I'm far from having found and seen every movie I've looked for.  In fact, some of the movies have eluded me for so long, I've dropped them from my hunt list. 

What follows is a list of the movies that I've failed to find.  I list the movie, the year, the director, and my guess to its existence status; some of them appear to be LOST, which I will probably never find.  Some of them are HARD-TO-FIND, which means that I have reason to believe they exist, but which have nevertheless eluded my searching.  And finally, some of them are classified as UNKNOWN; I have no idea whether they exist or not.

If you've enjoyed this site, and happen to have any information about these movies (their existence, where copies may be purchased or found, etc.) please feel free to email me with this information; you will have my deepest gratitude.

Now, the list...

Aaron's Rod (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  PARTIALLY LOST
The Accursed Cavern (1898) D. George Melies  Star Films UNKNOWN

The Ace of Scotland Yard (1929)  D. Ray Taylor  LOST
Adam's Rib (1923) D. Cecil B. DeMille  Famous Players-Lasky Corporation HARD-TO-FIND
The Adventures of Three Nights (1913)  Director unknown  Eiko   LOST
The Aerial Anarchists (1911)  D. Walter R. Booth  Kineto  LOST
The Aerial Submarine (1910)  D. Walter R. Booth   Kineto  HARD-TO-FIND
The Air Torpedo (1912)  D. Raoul d'Auchy  Company unknown  LOST
The Alchemist (1913)  Director unknown   Kinemacolor   LOST
Alf's Button (1930)  D. W.P. Kellino  HARD-TO-FIND
Algy Tries for Physical Culture (1910)  D. Alf Collins  Gaumont  LOST
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1910) D. Edwin S. Porter HARD-TO-FIND 
All Hallowe'en (1952)  D. Michael Gordon  UNKNOWN
All Souls' Eve (1921)  D. Chester Franklin  UNKNOWN
Almost Married (1932)  D. William Cameron Menzies  HARD-TO-FIND
Along the Moonbeam Trail (1920) D. Herbert M. Dawley & Willis O'Brien HARD-TO-FIND 
Alraune (1918)  Directed by Eugen Illes and Joseph Klein   Luna  HARD-TO-FIND
The American Suicide Club (1910)  Director Unknown  Lux  LOST
The Ancient Roman (1909)  Director unknown  Cines  LOST
And the Dog Came Back (1907)  Director unknown  Lubin  UNKNOWN
An Animated Doll (1908)  Director unknown  Essanay  UNKNOWN
The Apish Trick (1909)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
The Aquarian (1972)  Director unknown  DOESN'T EXIST
The Arc (1919) D. Richard Oswald HARD-TO-FIND 
The Aries Computer (1972) Director unknown  UNKNOWN
Around the World in Eighteen Days (1923)  D. B. Reeves Eason and Robert F. Hill   LOST
The Arrow Maiden (1915)  D. Francis Powers   Reliance  LOST
The Artist's Dream (1898) D. Georges Melies LOST 
The Artist's Dream (1899 or 1903) Director unknown  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
At the Sign of the Jack O'Lantern (1922)  D.  Lloyd Ingraham  LOST
At the Villa Rose (1920) D. Maurice Elvey HARD-TO-FIND 
Atomic Agent (1959)  D. Henri Decoin  HARD-TO-FIND
Aunt Eliza Recovers Her Pet (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
Aviation Has Its Surprises (1909)  Director unkown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Babes in the Woods (1907)  Director unknown  Miles Bros.  UNKNOWN
The Babes in the Woods (1925)  D. Walter Lantz   Standard Photoplay  HARD-TO-FIND
The Baby Incubator (1910)  Director unknown  Gaumont  LOST
Back to Life After 2000 Years (1910)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
Baddesley Manor: The Phantom Gambler (1926) D. Maurice Elvey HARD-TO-FIND
The Ballad of a Witch (1910) D. Luigi Maggi   Company: Societe Anonima Ambrosia  LOST
Ballerina (1950)  D. Ludwig Berger  HARD-TO-FIND
The Barber's Q u e e r Customer (1900)  Director unknown  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Barton Mystery (1920)  D. Harry T. Roberts  UNKNOWN
The Basilisk (1914) D. Cecil M. Hepworth UNKNOWN 
The Battle Cry of Peace (1915)  D. J. Stuart Blackton and Wilfrid North   Vitagraph  LOST
A Battle in the Dark (1916)  D. James W. Horne  Kalem   HARD-TO-FIND
The Battle of the Wills (1911)  Director unkown  IMP  LOST
Beauty and the Beast (1899)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
Beauty and the Beast (1908)  D. Albert Capellani  Pathe Freres   LOST
Beginning of the Game of Diabolo (1908) Director Unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Bells (1913)  D. Oscar Apfel   Reliance  LOST
Beneath the Tower Ruins (1911)  Director unkown  Urban-Eclipse UNKNOWN
The Bewildering Cabinet (1907)  F. Georges Melies  LOST
The Bewitched Dungeon (1901)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
Bhakta Pralhad (1934)  D. K.P. Bhave   Company unknown  LOST
The Bibulous Clothier (1899)  D. James White  Edison  HARD-TO-FIND
Bill Becomes Mentally Deranged (1912) Director unknown  Lux  LOST
Bill Bumper's Bargain (1911) Director unknown  Essanay  LOST
Bill Taken for a Ghost (1911) D. Romeo Bosetti  Lux  LOST
Birth of Emotion (1915)  D. Henry Otto   Alhambra   LOST
The Bishop of the Ozarks (1923) D. Finis Fox UNKNOWN 
The Black Box (1915) D. Otis Turner LOST 
The Black Crook (1916)  D. Robert G. Vignola  Kalem  UNKNOWN
Black Dragon of Manzanar (1966)  D. Spencer Gordon Bennett, William Witney, William J. O'Sullivan HARD-TO-FIND
Black Magic (1916) D. James W. Horne   Kalem  LOST
The Black Opal (1913)  Director unkown  Ramo  LOST
Black Orchids (1927) D. Rex Ingram LOST 
Black Shadows (1920)  D. Howard M. Mitchell  Fox  UNKNOWN
The Black Waters (1929)  D. Marshall Neilan  LOST
Blake of Scotland Yard (1927) D. Robert F. Hill LOST 
Bleary Oh! The Village Aviator (1909)  Director unknown  Gaumont  LOST
A Blind Bargain (1922) D. Wallace Worsley LOST 
The Blind Girl of Castle Guille (1913)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres  LOST
Blind Man's Bluff (1936)  D. Albert Parker  HARD-TO-FIND
The Blood Brotherhood (1913)  D. Phillips Smalley and Lois Weber   Rex  LOST
The Blood Seedling (1915)  D. Tom Santschi   Selig Polyscope   LOST
Blood Vengeance (1911)  D. Luigi Maggi  Ambrosio   LOST
The Bloodstone (1908)  Director unknown  Lubin  LOST
Bloomer as a Ghost (1913)  Director unknown   Cines   LOST
Bluebeard (Blaubart) (1951) D. Christian-Jaque  HARD-TO-FIND
Bobby at the Chemist's (1912)  Director unknown   Gaumont   LOST
Bob's Nightmare (1912)  Director unknown   Mono   UNKNOWN
The Bogey Woman (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe  LOST
Borderland (1922) D. Paul Powell  UNKNOWN
The Bottle Imp (1917) D. Marshall Neilan HARD-TO-FIND 
Bottled Up (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe   UNKNOWN
The Brahmin's Miracle (1908)  DIrector unknown  Pathe  LOST
Brain-Serum (1909)  Director unknown   Lubin  HARD-TO-FIND
The Brand of Evil (1913)  D. Harry McRae Webster   Essenay  LOST
The Brand of Satan (1917)  D. George Archainbaud  UNKNOWN
The Branded Four (1920)  D. Duke Worne  LOST
The Brass Bottle (1914) D. Sidney Morgan UNKNOWN 
The Brass Bottle (1923)  D. Maurice Tourneur  LOST
Breakdown of the Aeromobiles (1915)  D. Andre Deed   Itala  HARD-TO-FIND
A Bride of Mystery (1914)  D. Francis Ford   Universal Gold Seal  LOST
The Bride of the Haunted Castle (1910) Director unknown  Films d'Art   HARD-TO-FIND
The Brute (1912)  D. Ulysses Davis   Champion  LOST
The Budda's Curse (1910)  Dirctor unknown  Lux   UNKNOWN
Bulldog Drummond's Third Round (1925) D. Sidney Morgan HARD-TO-FIND 
Bumbles' Diminisher (1913)  D. W.P. Kellino  EcKo  LOST
Bumpkin's Patent Spyopticon (1910)  D. A.E. Coleby  LOST
Bunker's Patent Bellows (1910)  D. David Aylott   Cricks & Martin  LOST
The Butcher's Dream (1909)  Director unknown   Lux  LOST
Cagliostro (1920)  D. Reinhold Schunzel  LOST
The Call of Siva (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Canterville Ghost (1954) Director unknown  UNKNOWN
The Cardboard Box (1923)  D. George Ridgwell   Stoll  HARD-TO_FIND
The Carter Case (1919) D. William F. Haddock and Donald McKenzie LOST 
The Case of Becky (1915)  D. Frank Reicher  Lasky   HARD-TO-FIND
The Castle Ghosts (1908)  Director unknown   Aquila  UNKNOWN
Castle Sinister (1932) D. Widgey R. Newman  LOST
The Cat Creeps (1930) D. Rupert Julian LOST 
The Cat Creeps (1930) Spanish language  D. George Melford and Enrique Tovar Avalos  LOST
The Cat that Changed into a Woman (1909)/Puss, Puss   D. Louis Feuillade   Gaumont  UNKNOWN
The Cat's Revenge (1908)  Director unknown  Lux   HARD-TO-FIND
The Cavalier's Dream (1898)  D. Edwin S. Porter  Vitagraph HARD-TO-FIND
The Cave Man (1912) D. Charles L. Gaskill and Ralph Ince UNKNOWN 
Chain Lightning (1922)  D. Ben F. Wilson   Arrow/Ben Wilson Productions  LOST
Chandrasena (1931) D. Keshavrao Dhaiber and Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram  Prabhat Films  LOST
Charmed Sword (1908)  Director Unknown  Pathe Freres LOST
The Cheval Mystery (1915) D. Harry Myers  Victor Film Company  LOST
Chilling (1974) Director Unknown  UNKNOWN
The Chimes (1914) D. Thomas Bentley   Hepworth  UNKNOWN
Chinatown Charlie (1928)  D. Charles Hines  HARD-TO-FIND
The Chinatown Mystery (1928)  D. Francis Ford   HARD-TO-FIND
The Chinese Parrot (1927) D. Paul Leni LOST 
A Christmas Carol (1908)  Director unknown  C: Essenay  LOST
La Cite foudroyee (1924) D. Luitz-Morat HARD-TO-FIND 
The Clairvoyant Swindlers (1915)  D. James W. Horne   Kalem   LOST
The Clock-Maker's Secret (1907)  D. Gaston Velle    Pathe Freres HARD-TO-FIND
The Clown and the Automaton (1897)  D. Georges Melies   LOST
The Clue of the Pigtail (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
Code Name: Heraclitus (1967)  D. James Goldstone  Hovue Enterprises  UNKNOWN
Code of the Air (1928) D. James P. Hogan UNKNOWN 
Colonel Bogey (1948)  D. Terence Fisher  HARD TO FIND
Colonel Heeza Liar, Ghost Breaker (1915)  D. John Randolph Bray   J.R. Bray Studios   UNKNOWN
The Comet (1910) Director unknown   Kalem   HARD-TO-FIND
The Comet's Come-Back (1916) D. William Bertram UNKNOWN 
The Coming Aviator's Dream (1910)  Director unknown   Lux  HARD-TO-FIND
Condemned Men (1940)  D. William Beaudine and Leo C. Popkin  HARD-TO-FIND
Condemned to Death (1932) D. Walter Forde HARD-TO-FIND 
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1921) D. Emmett J. Flynn LOST 
The Conquest of the Air (1901)  D. Ferdinand Zecca   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Conscience (1905)  Director unknown  Pathe  HARD TO FIND
Coppelia (1900) D. Georges Melies  Company unknown  HARD-TO-FIND
The Coughing Horror (1924) D. Fred Paul HARD-TO-FIND 
Countess Ankarstrom (190)  D. Gebhard Schatzler-Perasini   Deutsche Bioscop  LOST
Cragmire Tower (1924) D. Fred Paul HARD-TO-FIND 
Crazy Dope (1911)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
Criminal at Large (1932)  D. T. Hayes Hunter   UNKNOWN
The Criminal Hypnotist (1909)  D. D.W. Griffith  America Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Crimson Moth (1914)  D. Travers Vale   Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Crimson Stain Mystery (1916) D. T. Hayes Hunter PARTIALLY EXISTS/HARD-TO-FIND 
The Cry of the Nighthawk (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
A Cure for Cowardice (1910)  D. Louis J. Gasnier   Pathe Freres  HARD TO FIND
A Cure for Microbes (1909) Director unknown   Cines  UNKNOWN
Curlytop (1924) D. Maurice Elvey LOST
The Curse of the Crimson Idol (1914)  Director unknown  Phoebus  LOST
The Curse of the Hindoo Pearl (1912)  Director unkown  Standard or Vitagraph  UNKNOWN
The Curse of the Lake (1912) Director unknown   Vitagraph  LOST
The Curse of the Wandering Minstrel (1911)  Director unkown  Messter  HARD-TO-FIND
Cyclotrode X (1966)  D. Fred C. Brannon and William Witney HARD-TO-FIND
D.T's, or the Effect of Drink (1905)  D. William Haggar   William Haggar and Sons   LOST
Damnation of Faust (1898)  D. Georges Melies  Company unknown   LOST
The Dancing Powder (1908)  Director unknown  Walturdaw  LOST
Dancing Tabloids (1909)  D. A.E. Coleby   Cricks and Martin  LOST
A Dangerous Affair (1931) D. Edward Sedgwick HARD-TO-FIND 
Dark Interval (1950)   D. Charles Saunders  HARD-TO-FIND
The Dark Mirror (1920) D. Charles Giblyn HARD-TO-FIND 
The Darling of Paris (1917) D. J. Gordon Edwards LOST 
A Daughter of the Gods (1916) D. Herbert Brenon LOST 
The Dawn of Freedom (1916) D. Theodore Marston and Paul Scardon  Vitagraph  LOST
The Dead Alive (1916)  D. Henry J. Vernot   Gaumont  PARTIAL
Dead Men Tell No Tales (1939) D. David MacDonald HARD-TO-FIND 
The Dead Secret (1913)  D. Stanner E.V. Taylor   Monopol  LOST
The Dead, the Devil and the Flesh (1974)  D. Jose Maria Oliveira   Company unknown  HARD-TO-FIND
A Deal in Real Estate (1914) Director unknown   Lubin   LOST
Death (1911)  Director unknown  Biorama  LOST
Death in Space (1974)  D. Charles S. Dubin  HARD-TO-FIND
Death in the Hand (1948) D. A. Barr-Smith  HARD-TO-FIND
The Defeat of Satan/Satan Defeated (1910)  D. Georges Denola   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Demon (1911)  D. Giovanni Vitrotti   Ambrosio   LOST
Demon, Demon (1975)  D. Richard Dunlap  Company unknown  HARD-TO-FIND
The Demon from Devil's Lake (1964) D. Russ Marker  DOESN'T EXIST
The Demon of Dunkirque (1910)  Director unknown  Ambrosio   UNKNOWN
The Depilatory Powder (Anti-Hair Powder) (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
The Detachable Man (1910)  Director unknown   Pathe  LOST
The Devil (1908)  D. Edwin S. Porter   Edison  UNKNOWN
The Devil (1910)  Director unknown  Powers Picture Plays  LOST
The Devil (1921) D. James Young HARD-TO-FIND 
The Devil as Lawyer (1911)  Director unknown  Messter  UNKNOWN
The Devil-Stone (1917) D. Cecil B. DeMille  UNKNOWN
The Devil, the Servant and the Man (1910)  D. Frank Beal   Selig  HARD-TO-FIND
The Devil To Pay (1920)  D. Ernest C. Warde  UNKNOWN
The Devil Within (1921) D. Bernard J. Durning UNKNOWN 
The Devil's Billiard Table (1910)  D. Director unknown   Eclair  LOST
The Devil's Claim (1920) D. Charles Swickard HARD-TO-FIND 
The Devil's Fiddler (1914)  Director unknown   Apex or Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Devil's Garden (1920) D. Kenneth Webb UNKNOWN 
The Devil's Grotto (1912)  D. Segundo de Chomon  Pathe  LOST
The Devil's Mother-in-Law (1910)  Director unknown  Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
The Devil's Prize (1916) D. Marguerite Bertsch UNKNOWN 
The Devil's Three Sins (1908)  Director unknown   Pathe  LOST
The Devil's Toy (1916)  D. Harley Knoles  UNKNOWN
Devil Wolf of Shadow Mountain (1964)  NEVER EXISTED
The Diabolical Box (1912)  Director unknown  Urbanora  LOST
The Diamond Makers (1913) D. Robert Z. Leonard UNKNOWN 
The Diamond from the Sky (1915)  D. Jacques Jaccard and William Desmond Taylor  LOST
The Diamond Master (1929)  D. Jack Nelson  LOST
The Diamond Mystery (1913) D. Charles Kent   Vitagraph  LOST
The Diamond Queen (1921)  D. Edward A. Kull  LOST
The Dime Novel Detective (1909)  Director unknown  Lubin  LOST
Distilled Spirits (1915) D. Milton J. Fahrney  MinA   LOST
Dr. Charlie is a Great Surgeon (1911)  Director unknown   Eclair  UNKNOWN
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1908)  D: Otis Turner  Selig  LOST
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1910)  D. August Blom   Nordisk  LOST
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920) (Hank Mann Version)  Director Unknown  LOST
Doctor Knows-All (1911)  Director unknown  Itala  UNKNOWN
Dr. Mesner's Fatal Prescription (1910)  Director unknown  Warwick  LOST
Dr. Nicola, or The Hidden Treasure (1909)  D. Viggo Larsen   Nordisk  LOST
Dr. Skinum (1907)  D. Wallace McCutcheon   American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
Dr. Smith's Automaton (1910) Director unknown  Pathe   LOST
Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (1943)  Director and company unknown  LOST
The Doctor's Experiment (1908)  Director unknown   Gaumont  LOST
The Doll's Revenge (1907)  D. Cecil M. Hepworth   Hepworth  LOST
Doomed (1909) Director unknown   Pathe Freres   LOST
Double Deception (1960) D. Serge Friedman  HARD-TO-FIND
Double Dubs (1906)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Dragon of Pendragon Castle (1950) D. John Baxter HARD-TO-FIND
A Drama of the Castle, or Do the Dead Return? (1915)  D. Abel Gance   Le Film d'Art  LOST
The Dream Cheater (1920)  D. Ernest C. Warde  UNKNOWN
The Dream of Old Scrooge (1910)  Director unknown   Cines   :LOST
The Drums of Jeopardy (1923) D. Edward Dillon HARD-TO-FIND
The Duel in the Dark (1915)  Director unknown  LOST
Dusk to Dawn (1922)  D. King Vidor  UNKNOWN
Earthbound (1920) D. T. Hayes Hunter LOST 
The Earthquake Alarm (1909)  Director unknown   Schultze  LOST
The Effective Hair Grower (1908)  Director unknown  Lux  LOST
The Electric Goose (1905)  D. Alf Collins  Gaumont  LOST
The Electricity Cure (1900)  D. Cecil Hepworth  Hepworth  LOST
Electrocuted (1908)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres   LOST
The Eleventh Hour (1923) D. Bernard J. Durning LOST 
The Elixir of Life (1907)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Empire of Diamonds (1920) D. Leonce Perret HARD-TO-FIND 
The Enchanted Wreath (1910)  Director unknown  Warwick  LOST
Energizer (1907)  D. Wallace McCutcheon  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Erratic Power (1910) D. David Aylott  Cricks & Martin   LOST
Esmeralda (1905)  D. Alice Guy and Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset   Gaumont   HARD-TO-FIND
The Evil Eye (1909)  Director unkown   Gaumont  LOST
The Evil Eye (1920) D. J. Gordon Cooper and Wally Van LOST 
The Evil Philter (1909)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Exploring Ephraim's Exploit (1913)  D. John Randolph Bray  Pathe Freres/ Bray Studios   LOST
The Explosion of Fort B2 (1914)  D. Umberto Paradisi  Pasquali e C.  LOST
Eyes of Fate (1933)  D. Ivar Campbell  UNKNOWN
The Eyes of Satan (1913)  Director unknown   Solax  UNKNOWN
The Face at the Window (1920)  D. Wilfred Noy  UNKNOWN
The Face in the Window (1908)  Director unknown   Lubin  UNKNOWN
The Fairy Bookseller (1910)  D. Henri Andreani   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Fairy Jewel (1911)  D. Giuseppe de Liguoro  Milano  LOST
A Fake Diamond Swindler (1908)  D. Georges Melies  Star Films  LOST
The Fakir's Spell (1914)  D. Frank Newman   Dreadnought   LOST
Fantomas (1920) D. Edward Sedgwick  LOST
The Fatal Ring (1917) D. George B. Seitz  LOST
The Fatal Warning (1929) D. Richard Thorpe  LOST
Faust (1909) D. Edwin S. Porter UNKNOWN 
Faust (1910) D. Henri Andreani   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Faust (1910) D. Enrico Guazzoni  Cines  HARD-TO-FIND
Faust (1910) D. David Barnett Animatophone   LOST
Faust and Marguerite (1897)  D. Georges Melies   Melies   LOST
Faust and Mephistopheles (1898)  D. George Albert Smith   George Albert Smith Films  LOST
Faust and the Devil (1948)  D. Carmine Gallone HARD-TO-FIND
Feathertop (1912)  Director unknown   Eclair American  LOST
Feet of Clay (1924) D. Cecil B. De Mille HARD-TO-FIND 
The Ferryman's Sweetheart (1909) D. Louis Feuillade  Gaumont  LOST
The Fiendish Tenant (1910)  Director unknown  Gaumont  LOST
The Fiery Hand (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Fighting Gringo (1917)  D. John Ford and Fred Kelsey  Universal  UNKNOWN
The Final War (1960)  D. Shigeaki Hidaka and William Ross   Toei   HARD-TO-FIND
The Fire Detective (1929)  D. Spencer Gordon Bennet and Thomas Storey  LOST
The First Flyer (1918) D. John Randolph Bray  J.R. Bray Studios  HARD-TO-FIND
The First Men in the Moon (1919) D. Bruce Gordon and J.L.V. Leigh LOST 
The Fisherman's Nightmare (1912)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Five Franc Piece (1916) D: Francis J. Grandon  Selig Polyscope  LOST
Flames (1917)  D: Maurice Elvey   Butcher's Film Service  LOST
The Flaming Disc (1920)  D. Robert F. Hill  LOST
Flight to Fame (1938)  D. Charles C. Coleman  UNKNOWN
The Flower of Youth (1908)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Flying Clue (1914)  Director unknown  Savoia  LOST
The Flying Torpedo (1916) D. John B. O'Brien and Christy Cabanne LOST 
Foiled! (1915) D. Rube Miller   Kalem  LOST
Fools in the Dark (1924)  D. Alfred Santell  UNKNOWN
For the Mastery of the World (1914)  Director unknown  Eclair   UNKNOWN
Forbidden Fruit (1909)  D:Gaston Velle  Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
Forbidden Room (1914) D. Allan Dwan LOST 
Forever (1921)  D. George Fitzmaurice UNKNOWN
Fortune Favors the Brave (1909)  D. Georges Melies   Georges Melies  LOST
The Fox Woman (1915) D. Lloyd Ingraham  Majestic  LOST
Fraudulent Spiritualism Exposed (1913) D. Charles Raymond  Motograph  LOST
The Freak of Ferndale Forest (1910)  Director unknown  Warwick  LOST
Friday the 13th (1944) D. Erich Engels HARD-TO-FIND 
Friendly Spirits (1935)  D. Al Christie  Educational Films Corporation / Fox   HARD-TO-FIND
Frolicsome Powders (1908)  Director unknown  Ambrosio  LOST
From Death to Life (1911)  Director unknown   Rex   LOST
Fun in a Butcher Shop (1901)  D: Edwin S. Porter   Edison   HARD-TO-FIND
Fun With the Bridal Party (1908)   D. Georges Melies  Georges Melies  LOST
The Fungi Cellars (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby HARD-TO-FIND
Galvanic Fluid, or More Fun with Liquid Electricity (1908)  D. J. Stuart Blackton   Vitagraph  UNKNOWN
The Gambler and the Devil (1908)  D. J. Stuart Blackton   Vitagraph  LOST
Gambling With the Gulf Stream (1923)  D. John Randolph Bray  J.R. Bray Studios   LOST
Gavroche and the Ghosts (1913)  D: Romeo Bosetti   Eclair  UNKNOWN
The Genie (1953)  D. Lance Comfort and Lawrence Huntington  HARD-TO-FIND
George Washington Jones (1914) D. Charles H. France   Edison   HARD-TO-FIND
The Ghost (1911)  D. Mack Sennett   Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Ghost (1913)  D. Raymond B. West   Domino  UNKNOWN
The Ghost (1913)  D. James Kirkwood   Victor  LOST
The Ghost Breaker (1922) D. Alfred E. Green LOST 
The Ghost Fakirs (1915)  Director unknown  Mittenthal/Starlight  LOST
The Ghost Holiday (1907)  Director unknown  Williams, Brown & Earle/Hepworth  LOST
The Ghost of Bragehus (1936) D. Ragnar Arvedson and Trancred Ibsen   AB Irefilm  HARD-TO-FIND
The Ghost of Mudtown (1910)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Ghost of Sea View Manor (1913)  Director unknown  Dragon LOST
The Ghost of Sulphur Mountain (1912)  D: Gaston Melies, Georges Melies and/or Robert Goodman   Melies or Wild West Company  UNKNOWN
The Ghost of the Hacienda (1913)  D. Tom Ricketts  American Film Manufacturing Company  LOST
The Ghost of the White Lady (1913)  D. Holger-Madsen   Nordisk  LOST
The Ghost Story (1907)  D. J. Stuart Blackton  Vitagraph  UNKNOWN
The Ghost Talks (1929) D. Lewis Seiler LOST 
Ghosts (1912) D. Hay Plumb   Hepworth  LOST
Ghosts (1912)  Director unknown   Essenay  LOST
Ghosts at Circle X Camp (1912)  D: Gaston Melies or Robert Goodman   Georges Melies or American Wild West   UNKNOWN
The Ghost's Warning (1911)  D. Ashley Miller   Edison  LOST
Glamis Castle (1926) D. Maurice Elvey  Gainsborough  LOST
Go and Get It (1920) D. Marshall Neilan and Henry Roberts Symonds LOST 
God is My Witness (1931)  D. Berthold Viertel  DOES NOT EXIST
The God of Vengeance (1924)  D: Fritz Bernhardt  Duskes  LOST
Goddess of the Sea (1909)  Director unknown  Les Lions  LOST
God's Witness (1914) D. Eugene Moore  Thanhouser  LOST
The Golden Beetle (1914) D. Enrique Santos  Cines / Kleine  HARD-TO-FIND
The Golden Pomegranates (1924) D. Fred Paul HARD-TO-FIND 
The Golem (1915) D. Henrik Galeen and Paul Wegener LOST 
The Golem and the Dancing Girl (1917)  D. Rochus Gliese and Paul Wegener   Deutsche Bioscop BmdH  LOST
The Golem's Last Adventure (1921)  D. Julius Szomogyi  LOST
Goody Goody Jones (1912)  D. Frank Montgomery  Selig Polyscope  UNKNOWN
The Gorilla (1927) D. Alfred Santell LOST 
The Gorilla (1930) D. Bryan Foy LOST 
Graft (1915) D. George Lessey and Richard Stanton  Universal  LOST
Grave Digger's Ambitions (1913)  Director unknown   Welt   LOST
The Great Ganton Mystery (1913) Director unknown   Rex   LOST
The Great Lure of Paris (1913) Director unknown  Feature Photoplay  UNKNOWN
The Great Physician (1913) D. Richard Ridgely UNKNOWN 
The Greater Will (1915) D. Harley Knoles   Premo   LOST
The Green Eye of the Yellow God (1913)  D. Richard Ridgely  UNKNOWN
The Green Terror (1919) D. W.P. Kellino UNKNOWN 
The Grey Lady (1909)  D. Viggo Larsen   Nordisk  LOST
Gustave the Medium (1921) D. Louis Feuillade   Gaumont  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hair Restorer (1907)  Director unknown  Williams, Brown and Earle/Hepworth  LOST
The Hair Restorer (1909)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Hallucinated Alchemist (1897) D. Georges Melies  LOST
Ham and the Sausage Factory (1915) D. Marshall Neilan  Kalem  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hand (1969) D. Henri Glaeser  UNKNOWN
The Hand of Peril (1916) D. Maurice Tourneur LOST 
Hands Invisible (1914)  D. Edwin August    Powers Picture Plays  LOST
The Hanging Lamp (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Haunted Bedroom (1907)  D. Walter R. Booth   Urban   UNKNOWN
The Haunted Castle (1897) D. George Albert Smith   George Albert Smith films LOST
Haunted Castle (1908) Director unknown   Pathe Freres  LOST
The Haunted House (1899)  Director unknown  Lubin  UNKNOWN
The Haunted House (1913)  Director unknown  Kalem  LOST
The Haunted House (1913) Director unknown   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Haunted House (1928)  D. Benjamin Christensen  LOST
The Haunted Inn (1910) Director unknown  Cosmopolitan  UNKNOWN
The Haunted Man (1909)  Director unknown   Duskes/Walturdaw  LOST
The Haunted Picture Gallery (1899) D. George Albert Smith   G.A.S. Films  LOST
The Haunted Room (1912) D. Louis Feuillade   Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
Haunting Winds (1915)  D. Carl M. Leviness  Powers Picture Plays  LOST
Haunts for Rent (1916) D. C. Allan Gilbert   Bray-Gilbert Films  LOST
The Head of Janus (1920) D. F. W. Murnau LOST 
The Heart of the Princess Marsari (1915) Director unknown  Thanhouser  LOST
Heartbeat (1949)  D. William Cameron Menzies UNKNOWN
Heating Powder (1908)  Director unknown   Lubin   LOST
The Heavenly Play (1942)  D. Alf Sjoberg  Wivefilm   HARD-TO-FIND
Hell-A-Vision (1936)  D. Louis Sonney  UNKNOWN
The Henpeck's Nightmare (1914)  Director unknown   Cosmograph/Tyler/Waterwheel  LOST
Henry, the Rainmaker (1949)  D. Jean Yarbrough  HARD-TO-FIND
Her Dolly's Revenge (1909)  Director unknown  Lux  LOST
Her Panelled Door (1950)  Directed by Ladislao Vajda   Independent Film Producers  HARD-TO-FIND
Hercules in the Regiment (1909) D. Camille de Morlhon  Pathe Freres  LOST
The Hidden Code (1920)  D. Richard L'Estrange  UNKNOWN
The Hidden Death (1914)  D. Gaston Melies(?)  Gaumont or George Melies  UNKNOWN
The Hidden Hand (1917) D. James Vincent  LOST
The Hidden Menace (1938)  D. Albert de Courville HARD-TO-FIND
Hidden Power (1939) D. Lewis D. Collins  UNKNOWN
The Hindoo's Charm (1912) D. Arthur Hotaling  Lubin  HARD-TO-FIND
His First Place (1910)  D. Marcel Perez   Ambrosia  LOST
His Hand Slipped (1952)  D. Julian Soler  UNKNOWN
His Wonderful Lamp (1913)  D. Edwin J. Collins (?)   Cricks and Martin  LOST
Homunculus, 1. Teil (1916) D. Otto Rippert  LOST
Homunculus, 2. Teil: Das geheimnisvolle Buch (1916) D. Otto Rippert LOST
Homunculus, 3. Teil: Die Liebestragodie des Homunculus (1916)  D. Otto Rippert  LOST
Homunculus, 5. Teil: Die Vernichtun der Menschheit (1916)  D. Otto Rippert  LOST
Homunculus, 6. Teil: Das Ende des Homunculus (1916)  D. Otto Rippert  LOST
Hop-Frog (1910)  D. Henri Desfontaines  Continental Warwick  LOST
Hop o' My Thumb (1913)  Director unknown  Gaumont   HARD-TO-FIND
The Horror (1932)  D. Bud Pollard  Bud Pollard Productions  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1921) D. Maurice Elvey  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1929)  D. Richard Oswald  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hound of the Baskervilles (1932)  D. Gareth Gundry  HARD-TO-FIND
An Hour Before Dawn (1913)  D. J. Searle Dawley   Famous Players  LOST
The House of a Thousand Candles (1915)  D. Thomas N. Heffron   Selig Polyscope  LOST
The House of Fear (1914)  Director unknown  Lubin  LOST
The House of Hate (1918) D. George B. Seitz  HARD-TO-FIND
House of Horror (1929)  D. Benjamin Christensen  LOST
The House of Mystery (1912)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
House of Mystery (1940)  D. Walter Summers  UNKNOWN
The House of Secrets (1929)  D. Edmund Lawrence   LOST
The House of the Lost Court (1915) D. Charles Brabin  Edison  LOST
The House of the Seven Gables (1910)  D. J. Searle Dawley   Edison   UNKNOWN
The House on Hokum Hill (1916)  D. Archer MacMackin   American Film Manufacturing Company   LOST
The House Without Doors and Windows (1914)  D. Stellan Rye  Deutsche Bioscop  LOST
How to be Lucky (1910)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
The Hunchback and the Dancer (1920)  D. F.W. Murnau  LOST
Der Hund von Baskerville, 3 Teil: Das Unheimliche Zimmer (1915)  D. Richard Oswald  HARD-TO-FIND
Der Hund von Baskerville, 3 Teil (1915)  D. Richard Oswald  HARD-TO-FIND
Hurricane Island (1951)  D. Lew Landers HARD-TO-FIND
Hurry Up, Please (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Hypnotic Cure (1909)  Director unknown   Lubin   LOST
The Hypnotic Wife (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres  UNKNOWN
The Hypnotist at Work (1897)  D. Georges Melies LOST
The Hypnotist's Revenge (1909)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
I Believe (1916)  D. George Loane Tucker  UNKNOWN
The Ideal Lodger (1957)  D. Wolf Schmidt HARD-TO-FIND
I.F. 1 ne repond plus (1933) D. Karl Hartl HARD-TO-FIND 
In the Year 2014 (1914) D. Allen Curtis UNKNOWN 
Incident from Don Quixote (1908)  D. Georges Melies   Georges Melies   UNKNOWN
The Indian Chief and the Seidlitz Powder (1901)  D. Cecil M. Hepworth   Hepworth  HARD-TO-FIND
Ingagi (1930)  D. William Campbell  HARD-TO_FIND
The Inspirations of Harry Larrabee (1917) D. Bertram Bracken  LOST
Instantaneous Nerve Powder (1909)  Director unknown  Pather Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Intrigue (1916)  D. Frank Lloyd  HARD-TO-FIND
Inventions of an Idiot (1909)  Director unknown  Lubin  PARTIALLY EXISTS
The Inventors (1918)  Director and company unknown   HARD-TO-FIND
The Inventor's Secret (1911)  D. Mack Sennett   Biograph  LOST
The Invisible Power (1914) D. George Melford UNKNOWN
The Invisible Ray (1920)  D. Harry A. Pollard  LOST
The Iron Claw (1916) D. Edward Jose and George B. Seitz LOST
The Island of Terror (1911)  D. Joe Hammon  Eclipse  UNKNOWN
The Isle of Lost Ships (1923) D. Maurice Tourneru UNKNOWN
The Isle of Lost Ships (1929) D. Irvin Willat  HARD-TO-FIND
The Isolated House (1915)  Director unknown  Victory   HARD-TO-FIND
It's Great To Be Alive (1933) D. Alfred L. Werker  HARD-TO-FIND
Jack Spratt and the Scales of Love (1915)  D. Roy Clements   Essenay  LOST
The Jade Box (1930)  D. Ray Taylor  UNKNOWN
A Japanese Peach Boy (1910)  D. Ashley Miller   Edison  LOST
Journey to the Center of the Earth (1910)  D.  Segundo de Chomon  LOST
Judex (1934)  D. Maurice Campreaux  HARD-TO-FIND
The Jungle Goddess (1922)  D. James Conway  LOST
The Jungle Lovers (1915) D. Lloyd B. Carleton UNKNOWN
The Jungle Mystery (1932)  D. Ray Taylor  HARD-TO-FIND
Kadoyng (1972)  D. Ian Shand  Children's Film Foundation/Shand Productions  HARD-TO-FIND
The Key of Life (1910)  Director unknown  Edison  LOST
The Kidnapped Stockbroker (1910)  D.  Harry Handworth   Vitagraph  LOST
The King of Illusionists (1911) Director unknown  Gaumont  UNKNOWN
King of the Jungle (1927) D. Webster Cullison  LOST
The Kissing Pills (1912)  Director unknown  Lubin  LOST
The Knocking on the Door (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
Kunwari or Widhwa (1937)  D. Pandit Sadarshan  UNKNOWN
The Last Hour (1930)  D. Walter Forde  LOST
The Last Look (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe   LOST
The Last Man on Earth (1924) D. John G. Blystone HARD-TO-FIND 
The Last Moment (1923)  D. J. Parker Read Jr.  LOST
The Latest Style Airship (1909)  D. Ferdinand Zecca   Pathe  LOST
Left Hand of Gemini (1972)  Director Unknown DOESN'T EXIST (or does it?)
Legally Dead (1923)  D. William Parke  LOST
The Leo Chronicles (1972)  Director unknown  DOESN'T EXIST
The Leopard Lady (1928)  D. Rupert Julian  LOST
The Leprechawn (1908)  D. Edwin S. Porter  Edison   LOST
Life in the Next Century (1909)  D. Gerard Bourgeois  Lux  HARD-TO-FIND
Life Without Soul (1915)  D. Joseph W. Smiley  LOST
The Lion's Breath (1916)  D. Horace Davey  UNKNOWN
Little Red Riding Hood (1911)  D. James Kirkwood and George Loane Tucker  Majestic  HARD-TO-FIND
Little Red Riding Hood (1922)  D. Anson Dyer   Hepworth  HARD-TO-FIND
Little Snow White (1910)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Lobster Nightmare (1911)  Director unknown   Walturdaw   LOST
London After Midnight (1927) D. Tod Browning LOST 
Lord Feathertop (1908)  D. Edwin S. Porter  Edison  LOST
The Lost Shadow (1921)  D. Rochus Gliese  HARD-TO-FIND
Love and Goodfellowship Pills (1910)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres  LOST
The Love Captive (1934)  D. Max Marcin  HARD-TO-FIND
The Love Doctor (1917)  D. Paul Scardon  LOST
Love Microbe (1907)  D. Wallace McCutcheon  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
Lured by a Phantom (1910)  D. Etienne Arnaud and Louis Feuillade   Gaumont  LOST
Lust of the Ages (1917) D. Harry Revier  UNKNOWN
MacNab Visits the Comet (1910)  Director unknown  Lux   LOST
Madrid in the Year 2000 (1925) D. Manuel Noriega HARD-TO-FIND 
Magic Mirror (1908)  D. Camille de Morlhon   Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
The Main Street Kid (1948)  D. R.G. Springsteen  HARD-TO-FIND
Making Sausages (1897)  D. George Albert Smith  George Albert Smith Films  LOST
Man (1911)  Director unknown  Yankee  LOST
The Man They Couldn't Arrest (1931)  D. T. Hayes Hunter  HARD-TO-FIND
The Man Who Laughs (1909)  Director unknown  Company unknown  UNKNOWN
The Man Who Made Diamonds (1937)  D. Ralph Ince  LOST
The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1922)  D. Alfred E. Green  UNKNOWN
The Man Who Sold His Soul to the Devil (1921)  D. Pierre Caron  Pathe Freres  LOST
The Man With the Limp (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Man Without Desire (1923)  D. Adrian Brunel  HARD-TO-FIND
The Market of Souls (1919)  D. Joseph De Grasse  UNKNOWN
The Marriage of Psyche and Cupid (1913)  D. Daniel Riche   Pathe Freres  LOST
The Marvellous Pearl (1909)  Director unknown  Cines   LOST
The Master Mind (1920)  D. Kenneth S. Webb  UNKNOWN
Measure for Measure (1909)  Director unknown  Lubin  LOST
The Medium (1934)  D. Vernon Sewell UNKNOWN
Melody in the Dark (1949)  D. Robert Jordan Hill HARD-TO-FIND
Memento Mei (1963)  D. Martin Charlot UNKNOWN
Men of Action Meet Women of Drakula (1969)  D. Artemio Marquez  Tower productions  LOST
Mephisto's Son (1906)  D. Charles Lucien-Lepine  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
A Message From Mars (1913) D. Wallett Waller HARD-TO-FIND 
A Message From Mars (1921) D. Maxwell Karger UNKNOWN 
Metamorphosis (1976) D. Ivo Dvorak  HARD-TO-FIND
A Midnight Scare (1914)  Director unknown   Crystal  LOST
Midstream (1929)  D. James Flood  LOST
The Minotaur (1910)  Director unknown   Vitagraph  LOST
The Miracle (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Miracle Man (1919) D. George Loane Tucker LOST 
Miracles of the Jungle (1921)  D. James Conway and E.A. Martin  LOST
The Mirror of Life (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe   LOST
Miss Jekyll and Madame Hyde (1915)  D. Charles L. Gaskill   Vitagraph  LOST
The Missing Link (1927)  D. Charles Reisner  HARD-TO-FIND
The Missing Rembrandt (1932) D. Leslie S. Hiscott  LOST
Mr. Jarr's Magnetic Friend (1915)  D. Harry Davenport  Vitagraph  LOST
The Mistletoe Bough (1904)  D. Percy Stow  Clarendon   HARD-TO-FIND
A Monkey Bite (1911)  D. Romeo Bosetti  Pathe   LOST
The Monkey's Paw (1923)  D. H. Manning Haynes   HARD-TO-FIND
The Monkey's Paw (1933)  D. Wesley Ruggles and Ernest P. Schoedsack  HARD-TO-FIND
Monster and the Shadow (1955) D. Zacarias Gomez Urquiza  UNKNOWN
The Monster of Frankenstein (1921)  D. Eugenio Testa  LOST
The Moonstone (1909)  Director unknown   Selig   LOST
The Motor Valet (1906)  D. Arthur Melbourne Cooper  Alpha   LOST
Mrs. Smither's Boarding School (1907)  Director unknown  American Mutoscope and Biograph  LOST
The Mummy of the King Rameses (1909)  D. Gerard Bourgeois  Lux   LOST
Museum Spooks, or Dreams in a Picture Gallery (1910)  Director unknown  Walturdaw  LOST
My Maid Is Too Slow (1910)  Director Unknown  Eclair   LOST
My Weakness (1933) D. David Butler  HARD-TO-FIND
The Mysterious Contrgrav (1915)  D. Henry MacRae LOST
Mystery at the Villa Rose (1930) D. Leslie S. Hiscott  HARD-TO-FIND
The Mystery Mind (1920)  D. Will S. Davis and Fred Sittenham  LOST
The Mystery of Grayson Hall (1914)  Director unknown  Eclair American  LOST
The Mystery of Souls (1912)  D. Vincenzo Denizot  Itala  LOST
The Mystery of the Lama Convent (1909)  D. Viggo Larsen  Nordisk  LOST
The Mystery Ship (1917)  D. Harry Harven and Henry MacRea  LOST
The Mystic Hour (1933)  D. Melville De Lay   Progressive   HARD-TO-FIND
The Mystic Mirror (1928) D. Carl Hoffmann and Richard Teschner  LOST
Nachte des Grauens (1916)  D. Richard Oswald and Arthur Robison  LOST
Naidra, the Dream Woman (1914)  D. Eugene Moore  LOST
The Naked Witch (1967)  D. Andy Milligan   Company unknown  LOST
Nan of the North (1922)  D. Duke Worne  LOST
Nature Fakirs (1907)  Director unknown   Kalem   PARTIALLY EXISTS
Necklace of the Dead (1910)  Director unknown  Nordisk  LOST
Neptune's Daughter (1914)  D. Herbert Brenon  LOST
The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds (1965)  D. Bert Williams   company unknown   LOST
The New Exploits of Elaine (1915)  D. Louis J. Gasnier, Leopold Wharton and Theodore Wharton  LOST
New Trip to the Moon (1909)  D. Segundo de Chomon   Pathe   UNKNOWN
The Night of the Specters (1913)  Director unknown   Volsca   LOST
Night of the Werewolf (1968)  D. Rene Govar  EXISTENCE DOUBTFUL
Niobe (1915)  D. Hugh Ford and Edwin S. Porter   Famous Players   LOST
No Haunt for a Gentleman (1952)  D. Leonard Reeve  HARD-TO-FIND
No More Bald Heads (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
No Place to Hide (1956)  D. Josef Shaftel  HARD-TO-FIND
Noddy in Toyland (1957)  D. MacLean Rogers   Bill and Michael Luckwell, Ltd.  HARD-TO-FIND
A Novice at X-Rays (1898)  D. Georges Melies  Star Films  LOST
Obeah (1935) D. F. Herrick Herrick  UNKNOWN
The Occult (1913)  D. Lorimer Johnston   American Film Manufacturing Company  LOST
Oh, Boy! (1938) D. Albert de Courville   HARD-TO-FIND
Oh, What an Appetite (1908)  D. Gilbert M. Anderson   Essenay   LOST
The Old Shoemaker (1909)  Director unknown   Gaumont  UNKNOWN
On Time (1924)  D. Henry Lehrman  UNKNOWN
Once in a New Moon (1935) D. Anthony Kimmins  HARD-TO-FIND
One Glorious Day (1922) D. James Cruze  LOST
One Hundred Years After (1911)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
One Too-Exciting Night (19220  D. Gaston Quiribet   Hepworth  HARD-TO-FIND
One Way Street (1925)  D. John Francis Dillon  LOST
Operation Apocalypse (1966)  D. Guido Malatesta  Estela films/Nike Cinematografica   HARD-TO-FIND
Oriental Black Art (1908)  D. Georges Melies  Company unknown  LOST
The Other (1930)  D. Robert Wiene  HARD-TO-FIND
The Others (1957)  Director Unknown  HARD-TO-FIND
The Other Fu Manchu (1946)  Directed by Ramon Barreiro  UNKNOWN
Panic at Madame Tussaud's (1948)  D. Peter Graham Scott  UNKNOWN
Papa Gaspar, or The Ghost of the Rocks  (1909)  Director unknown   Les Lions   LOST
Patria (1917) D. Jacques Jaccard, Leopold Wharton, and Theodore Wharton  HARD-TO-FIND
Pawns of Mars (1915) D. Theodore Marston  LOST
Peer Gynt (1915) D. Oscar Apfel and Raoul Walsh  HARD-TO-FIND
Percy Pimpernickel, Soubrette (1914) D. Albert W. Hale  Kalem  LOST
Percy, the Mechanical Man (1916)  Director unknown   Paramount/Bray   LOST
Phaedra (1909)  D. Oreste Gherardini  Cines/Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
The Phantom Foe (1920)  D. Bertram Millhauser  HARD-TO-FIND
The Phantom Light (1914)  D. Henry MacRae  Bison  LOST
The Phantom Sirens (1909)  Director unknown  Urban Eclipse / Kleine  LOST
Photographing a Ghost (1898)  D. George Albert Smith   George Albert Smith films  LOST
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1916)  D. Fred W. Durrant  HARD-TO-FIND
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1917) D. Richard Oswald LOST 
The Pied Piper (1907)  D. Percy Stow   Clarendon  HARD-TO-FIND
The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1918) D. Paul Wegener  LOST (fragments exist)
Piffkins' Patent Powder (1910)  Director unknown   Warwick  LOST
The Plague Spot (1915)  D. Theodore Marston  Vitagraph  LOST
Plunder (1923) D. George B. Seitz  HARD-TO-FIND
The Poison Pen (1919)  D. Edwin August  UNKNOWN
Popdown (1967)  D. Fred Marshall  HARD-TO-FIND
La Poupee (1899)  Director unknown   Lumiere  LOST
Prehistoric Peeps (1905)  D. Lewin Fitzhamon  Hepworth  HARD-TO-FIND
The Prince of Darkness (1900)  Director unknown  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
Prince of Tempters (1926) D. Lothar Mendes  LOST
The Professor and the Waxworks (1907)  Director unknown  Williams, Earle and Brown  UNKNOWN
Professor Creeps (1942) D. William Beaudine  UNKNOWN
The Professor's Anti-Gravitational Fluid (1908)  D. Lewin Fitzhamon   Hepworth  LOST
The Providence of the Waves (1904)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
Puritan Passions (1923) D. Frank Tuttle UNKNOWN
The Pursuing Vengeance (1916)  D. Martin Sabine  UNKNOWN
The Queen of Atlantis (1932) German version D. Georg Wilhelm Pabst LOST 
The Queen of Hearts (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Queen of Spades (1910)  Director unknown  Deutsche Bioscop   LOST
Queen of the Sea (1918) D. John G. Adolfi  LOST
Quinine (1917)  Director unknown  International Film Service   LOST
R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan (1966)  D. Fred C. Brannon and Yakima Canutt  HARD-TO-FIND
Race Memories (1913)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
The Radio Detective (1926) D. William James Craft and William A. Crinley  LOST
The Radio King (1922)  D. Robert F. Hill  LOST
Ransom (1928)  D. George B. Seitz  UNKNOWN
Rasputin, the Black Monk (1917)  D. Arthur Ashley  LOST
The Reader of Minds (1914)  D. Carroll Fleming  Thanhouser  LOST
The Red Circle (1915)  D. Sherwood MacDonald  LOST
Red Lights (1923) D. Clarence G. Badger  HARD-TO-FIND
Red Riding Hood (1901)  D. Georges Melies LOST
The Return of Peter Grimm (1926) D. Victor Schertzinger HARD-TO-FIND
The Return of Maurice Donnelly (1915)  D. William Humphrey  UNKNOWN
The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929) D. Basil Dean  UNKNOWN
The Return of Tarzan (1920)  D. Harry Revier and George M. Merrick  UNKNOWN
The Return of the Terror (1934)  D. Howard Bretherton  HARD-TO-FIND
The Revelation (1913)  D. Fred  J. Balshofer   Kay-Bee  LOST
The Revenge of the Ghosts (1909)  D. Emile Cohl   Company unknown   HARD-TO-FIND
The Riddle of the Green Umbrella  (1914)  D. Kenean Buel   Kalem   LOST
Rival of Satan (1911)  D. Gerard Bourgeois   Pathe  HARD-TO-FIND
The River House Ghost (1932) D. Frank Richardson  UNKNOWN
Robbing Cleopatra's Tomb (1899)  D. Georges Melies  HARD-TO-FIND
Robson's Revolving Heel Pads (1909)  Director unknown  Graphic  LOST
The Romance of Elaine (1915)  D. George B. Seitz, Leopold Wharton and Theodore Wharton  LOST
The Romance of Tarzan (1918) D. Wilfred Lucas  LOST
Rubber Heels (1908)  D. Georges Monca   S.C.A.G.L.  LOST
The Sable Lorcha (1915)   D. Lloyd Ingraham   Fine Arts   PARTIALLY EXISTS
The Sacred Order (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
The Saloon-Keeper's Nightmare (1908)  Director unknown   Gaumont  UNKNOWN
Satanas (1920) D. F.W. Murnau  LOST
Satan's Five Warnings (1938) D. Isidro Socias UNKNOWN
The Sausage Machine (1897)  Director unknown   Mutoscope  HARD-TO-FIND
The Savage (1926)  D. Fred C. Newmeyer   LOST
The Scarlet Streak (1925)  D. Henry MacRae  LOST
The Scented Envelopes (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  LOST
A Scientific Mother (1915)  D. Arthur Ellery   Thanhouser  LOST
A Scream in the Night (1919)  D.  Leander De Cordova and Burton L. King LOST
The Screaming Shadow (1920)  D. Ben F. Wilson and Duke Worne LOST
Search, the Scientific Detective (1914)  D. Edward Dillon  Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Secret Kingdom (1925)  D. Sinclair Hill   Stoll   UNKNOWN
The Secret of the Hand (1910)  Director unknown   Lux   LOST
The Secret of the Submarine (1915)  D. George L. Sargent  LOST
The Secret Orchard (1915)  D. Frank Reicher   Lasky   LOST
The Secret Room (1915)  D. Tom Moore  UNKNOWN
The Serpents (1912)  D. Charles L. Gaskill and Ralph Ince  UNKNOWN
Seven Faces (1929)  D. Berthold Viertel  UNKNOWN
Sexton Blake: The Jewel Thieves (1910) Director Unknown   Gaumont  LOST
Shadow of the Past (1950)  D. Mario Zampi   Mario Zampi Productions  HARD-TO-FIND
A Shadowed Shadow (1916)  D. William Beaudine   Universal   LOST
Sharad of Atlantis (1966) D. B. Reeves Eason  HARD-TO-FIND
She (1908)  D. Edwin S. Porter   Edison   LOST
She (1916) D. William G.B. Barker and Horace Lisle Lucoque  LOST
She (1917) D. Kenean Buel  LOST
Sherlock Holmes in the Great Murder Mystery (1908)  Director unknown   Crescent   LOST
The Shielding Shadow (1916)  D. Louis J. Gasnier and Donald MacKenzie  HARD-TO-FIND
The Shrine of the Seven Lamps (1923) D. A.E.Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
Siegfried (1912)  D. Mario Caserini   Ambrosio  LOST
The Silent Castle (1912)  Director unknown  Gaumont   LOST
The Silent Stranger (1916)  D. King Baggot  UNKNOWN
The Silver Buddha (1923)  D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
Sinbad the Sailor (1919) D. Norman Dawn UNKNOWN 
Sinews of the Dead (1914)  Director unknown   Melies   LOST
Sinners in Silk (1924)  D. Hobart Henley  LOST
Sirens of the Sea (1917)  D. Allen Holubar  UNKNOWN
The Skeleton (1910)  Director unknown  Vitagraph   HARD-TO-FIND
The Sky Ranger (1921)  D. George B. Seitz  HARD-TO-FIND
Sleeping Beauty (1902)  D. Lucien Nonguet and Ferdinand Zecca   Pathe Freres   HARD-TO-FIND
Slumberland (1908)  D. Van Dyke Brooke  Vitagraph  LOST
Snow White (1902)   Director unknown   Lubin  LOST
A Son-In-Law's Nightmare (1912)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
A Son of Satan (1924)  D: Oscar Micheaux   Micheaux Films   LOST
The Soul of Phyra (1915) D. Charles Swickard   Domino   LOST
The Spectre (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres   LOST
The Spell of the Hypnotist (1912)  Director unknown   Helios   UNKNOWN
Spiffkins Eats Frogs (1912)  Director unknown  Lux  LOST
The Spirit (1908)  Director unknown   Gaumont   UNKNOWN
A Spiritualistic Meeting (1906)  D. Georges Melies   Star Film  LOST
Spookeasy (1930)  D. Manny Gould and Ben Harrison   Screen Gems   UNKNOWN
Spooks Do the Moving (1908)  D. Jean Durand   Pathe Freres  LOST
The Star of India (1913)  D. Herbert Blache   Blache Features   LOST
A Stone Age Adventure (1915)  D. W.L. Glacken   J.R. Bray / Pathe   LOST
The Story of the Blood Red Rose (1914) D. Colin Campbell  UNKNOWN
The Story Without a Name (1924)  D. Irvin Willat  LOST
The Strange Case of Captain Ramper (1927) D. Max Reichmann  UNKNOWN
The Strange Case of Princess Khan (1915)  D. Edward LeSaint   Selig Polyscope  LOST
The Strange Unknown (1915)  D. Wilbert Melville   Lubin  UNKNOWN
The Strong Tonic (1909)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres  LOST
Stronger Than Death (1915) D. Joseph De Grasse  LOST
The Suicide Club (1909) D. D.W. Griffith  American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Suicide Club (1914) D. Maurice Elvey  UNKNOWN
Super Speed (1925)  D. Albert S. Rogell  Harry J. Brown productions  HARD-TO-FIND
Super-Speed (1935) D. Lambert Hillyer  UNKNOWN
A Surgical Operation and Its After-Effects (1909)  Director unknown  Pathe  LOST
Svengali (1927)  D. Gennaro Righelli HARD-TO-FIND
Sweeney Todd (1928)  D. Walter West   Walturdaw   HARD-TO-FIND
The Sword and the King (1909)  Director unknown   Vitagraph  LOST
Talked to Death (1909)  Director unknown   Lubin   LOST
Tarzan the Mighty (1928)  D. Jack Nelson and Ray Taylor  LOST
The Tell-Tale Heart (1934) D. Brian Desmond Hurst  HARD-TO-FIND
Telltale Reflections (1909)  D. Emile Cohl   Gaumont   HARD-TO-FIND
The Temptress and the Monk (1958)  D. Eisuke Takizawa   Nikkatsu  HARD-TO-FIND
The Terrible People (1928)  D. Spencer Gordon Bennet  LOST
The Terror (1928)  D. Roy Del Ruth  LOST
The Terror of the Air (1914)  D. Frank Wilson  Hepworth  LOST
Testing a Soldier's Courage (1910)  Director unknown  Gaumont   UNKNOWN
Thark (1932)  D. Tom Walls  HARD-TO-FIND
That's the Spirit (1924)  D. William Watson   Universal   HARD-TO-FIND
The Thief and the Porter's Head (1913)  Director unknown   Milano  LOST
The Thirteen Club (1905)  Director unknown American Mutoscope and Biograph  HARD-TO-FIND
The Thirteenth Chair (1919)  D. Leonce Perret  Acme   UNKNOWN
The Thousand Pound Spook (1907)   D. Walter R. Booth   Urban  LOST
Three's Company (1954)  D. Terence Fisher and Charles Saunders  UNKNOWN
The Tiger Lily (1913)  D. Van Dyke Brooke   Vitagraph   LOST
'Tis the Very Witching Time of Night (1909)  Director unknown   Edison   UNKNOWN
Too Much Champagne (1908)  Director unknown   Vitagraph   LOST (fragment exists)
Toula's Dream (1908)  D. Segundo de Chomon   Pathe Freres   HARD-TO-FIND
The Tower of London (1905)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
The Tower of London (1926) D. Maurice Elvey  UNKNOWN
The Tragedies of the Crystal Globe (1915)  D. Richard Ridgely   Edison   HARD-TO-FIND
Trick for Trick (1933) D. Hamilton MacFadden  HARD-TO-FIND
Trilby (1914) D. Harold M. Shaw  HARD-TO-FIND
A Trip to the Pole (1911)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  HARD-TO-FIND
The Triple Headed Lady (1901)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
The Triple Lady (1898) D. Georges Melies  LOST
Troika (1969)  D. Fredric Hobbs and Gordon Mueller UNKNOWN
A Twentieth Century Surgeon (1897) D. Georges Melies  LOST
Twentieth Century Surgery (1901) D. Georges Melies  LOST
2069 A.D.: A Sensation Odyssey (1969)  D. Sam Kopetzky  Hollywood Picture Recorders  LOST
Two Cousins (1909)  Director unknown   Lubin   HARD-TO-FIND
The Ugliest Queen on Earth (1909)  Director unknown   Gaumont   LOST
The Ugly Duckling (1959) D. Lance Comfort HARD-TO-FIND
Underneath the Arches (1937)  D. Redd Davis  HARD-TO-FIND
Undine (1912)  D. Lucius Henderson   Thanhouser   HARD-TO-FIND
The Unfaithful Wife (1915) D. J. Gordon Edwards  Fox   LOST
The Unholy Quest (1934)  D. Widgey R. Newman  LOST
The Unholy Wish (1939)  D. Heinz Hilpert  Tobis Filmkunst  HARD-TO-FIND
The Unknown Country (1914)  Director unknown   Lubin   LOST
The Unknown Purple (1923)  D. Roland West  LOST
The Unknown Tomorrow (1923)  D. Alexander Korda HARD-TO-FIND
Unknown Treasures (1926)  D. Archie Mayo  UNKNOWN
Unmasked (1929)  D. Edgar Lewis  LOST
Unseen Hands (1924) D. Jacques Jaccard  UNKNOWN
Up the Pole (1909)  D. Walter R. Booth  Urban  UNKNOWN
The Vampire (1913)  Director unknown   Searchlight   LOST
Vampire of the Desert (1913)  D. Charles L. Gaskill   Vitagraph  LOST
Vanity's Price (1924)  D.  Roy William Neill  LOST
Vasco, the Vampire (1914)   Director unknown  Independent Moving Pictures   LOST
Vengeance of the Dead (1910)   Director unknown   Pathe   LOST
The Ventures of Marguerite (1915)  D: Robert Ellis, John Mackin and Hamilton Smith LOST
The Village Witch (1906)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres   HARD-TO-FIND
The Voice from the Sky (1930) D. Ben F. Wilson  LOST
The Voice on the Wire (1917) D. Stuart Paton  LOST
Voyage of the "Arctic", or How Captain Kettle Discovered the North Pole (1903)  D. Walter R. Booth   Robert W. Paul   LOST
A Wager Between Two Magicians (1904)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
The Wandering Jew (1923)  D. Maurice Elvey  LOST
The Wandering Minstrel (1899)  D. Georges Melies  LOST
Wanted - A Mummy (1910)  D. A.E. Coleby   Cricks and Martin  HARD-TO-FIND
The War O'Dreams (1915) D. E.A. Martin  UNKNOWN
Wave of Spooks (1908)   Director unknown   Pathe   LOST
Wedding Feast and Ghosts (1909)  Director unknown   Cines   HARD-TO-FIND
The Weird Ones (1962) D. Pat Boyette  LOST
The Werewolf (1913)  D. Henry MacRae  Bison  LOST
The West Case (1923) D. A.E. Coleby  HARD-TO-FIND
What It Will Be (1910)  Director unknown  Lux   HARD-TO-FIND
When Men Were Men (1925)  Director unknown  Aesop's Fables Studio  LOST
When Spirits Walk (1913)  Director unknown  Frontier / St Louis  LOST
Whiffle's Nightmare (1912)  Director unknown   Pathe Freres   LOST
While London Sleeps (1926)  D. Howard Bretherton  UNKNOWN
While London Sleeps (1934)  D. Adrian Brunel  UNKNOWN
While Paris Sleeps (1923)  D. Maurice Tourneur  LOST
The White Spectre (1914)  Director unknown   General   LOST
The White Wolf (1914)  Director unknown   Nestor/Universal  LOST
The Wild Ass's Skin (1909)  D. Albert Capellani   Pathe Freres  LOST
Windsor Castle (1926) D. Maurice Elvey  LOST
The Witch Beneath the Sea (1958) D. Zygmunt Sulistrowski HARD-TO-FIND
The Witch of the Glen (1910)  Director unknown   Warwick  LOST
The Witching Hour (1921)  D. William Desmond Taylor  HARD-TO-FIND
The Witch's Secret (1908)  D. Segundo de Chomon   Pathe Freres  LOST
Without a Soul (1914)  D. James Young  LOST
The Wizard (1927) D. Richard Rosson LOST 
The Woman in White (1912)  Director unknown  Gem  HARD-TO-FIND
Won in the Clouds (1914)  D. Otis Turner  UNKNOWN
Wonderful Charm (1908)  D. Georges Melies   Company unknown  LOST
The Wooden-Headed Veteran (1908)  Director unknown  Pathe Freres  LOST
The Yogi (1916)  D. Rochus Gliese and Paul Wegener  LOST
The Young Jacobites (1960) D. John Reeve  HARD-TO-FIND
Zandori's Secret (1914)  Director unkown   Warner's/Eclair   LOST
Zudora (1914)  D. Howell Hansel and Frederick Sullivan  LOST